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Youthful Rejuvenated Look

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A heavy brow can make your face appear tired, sad, or unfriendly. Double board-certified Atlanta brow lift expert Dr. Julia Kerolus wants to help you achieve a more youthful look. A brow lift counteracts the effect of gravity and tightens the tissue and skin in the upper face. Schedule your consultation for a brow lift with Dr. Julia Kerolus today.

What is a brow lift?

Rejuvenate your face

A surgical brow lift helps improve horizontal forehead creases and furrowed and drooping brows by tightening muscles and lifting the area above the eyes, giving you a more youthful, energetic, and happier look. It can be paired with many different procedures like blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and facelift to provide total facial rejuvenation.

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What are
the benefits of a brow lift?

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A brow lift can smooth deep forehead creases and restore the youthful position of the eyebrow, which noninvasive procedures like Botox can't achieve.

It can also help to balance out asymmetry in the face. The procedure itself takes about an hour or two, and you'll be able to return home the same day. However, brow lift results are dramatic and long-lasting.

Am I a good candidate for a brow lift?

Feel more confident

People in their forties and fifties are usually suitable candidates for a brow lift or forehead lift. The brow line often begins to sag at this age, and wrinkles and fine lines along the forehead may occur. If sagging brows run in the family, a few candidates may only be in their twenties or thirties when they are ready for a brow lift. If you feel like you look tired or angry, have deep horizontal forehead lines, or furrowed lines between eyebrows, you should schedule a consultation for a brow lift in Atlanta at Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery.

Candidates must be non-smokers and in overall good health prior to surgery.

Your Brow Lift Procedure

Different options, different results

Different techniques for brow lift surgery are often used depending on your ideal goals your unique anatomy and the level of corrections required.

Brow Lift by Endoscopy

Endoscopic brow lift surgery is less invasive than other treatments while still producing similar results. Dr. Kerolus will create several small incisions behind the hairline for an endoscopic brow lift. She will use a camera and thin equipment to adjust the muscles and raise the underlying tissues of the forehead to create a naturally more youthful brow.

Brow Lift with Temporal Incisions

The incisions for a temporal brow lift are longer than those for an endoscopic brow lift. Above each temple, one-inch long incisions are made behind the hairline. Dr. Kerolus will use these incisions to elevate and rearrange the tissues of the outer brow area. The area between the brows is then raised to smooth out frown lines.

Traditional Brow Lift

Other more traditional approaches to brow lifting have more extensive incisions and are generally reserved for patients with severe asymmetry of the brows, high hairlines, and those that do not require significant forehead rejuvenation.

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Brow Lift Recovery

Bruising, swelling and numbness are expected for 10 days after surgery. Sleeping with your head elevated will help minimize these effects. Stitches and clips will be removed approximately one week after surgery.

Makeup can be used to hide any bruising or redness. After ten to fourteen days, you should be able to return to work and do routine activities. Even though you will appear presentable in public, the healing process will take many weeks as the swelling subsides and the incision lines refine and fade. It could take a few months for you to heal fully. During your recovery for brow lift Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kerolus, will monitor your progress to ensure your surgery's success.

Brow Lift Results

Be happier with yourself

Brow Lift results will be immediately apparent but will improve as the swelling, bruising, and healing progresses over the next few months. You will become happier with your youthful look as time goes on. To maintain the brow lift, you will want to ensure that you protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Unprotected exposure to the sun can damage the skin, which will affect your new look.

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Boost your self-esteem

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr Julia Kerolus

Double board-certified Dr. Julia Kerolus makes it her mission to help you regain your confidence by loving how you look. Schedule a consultation for a brow lift in Atlanta at Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery to find out all of your options for looking the way you deserve.

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Brow Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Most Atlanta brow lift patients don’t feel much pain after their surgery. However, there is some swelling and bruising that is to be expected that might lead to discomfort or tightness in the forehead. Most of those symptoms should resolve in about ten to fourteen days.

All surgeries carry risk. Risks of brow lift are rare but can include pain, bleeding or infection. It is important to follow all of Dr. Kerolus' instructions to help decrease these risks. Discuss any concerns you may have at your consultation.

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Taking care of yourself is about more than just annual check-ups and eating right. You also want to preserve your ability to look and feel your best. If you feel like you have an area that you want to improve through plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kerolus. She will make sure you find the right treatment for your best results.

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