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“Dr. Kerolus has changed my life forever!”

The Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery Philosophy

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“Dr. Kerolus spent time explaining my condition and discussed various treatment options. She was very knowledgeable and kind and made sure all of my questions were answered—even followed up personally the evening of my procedure. The staff were courteous as well. I would highly recommend!”

-Heather Hall

“Dr. Kerolus is absolutely amazing! So patient and professional, and answered every single question I had. I trust her so much and could not recommend her more! I will only be going to her from now on!”

-Alison Gmerek

“Dr.Kerolus is AMAZING! She takes the time to figure out the safest and most natural way to enhance your face. She is honest and caring!!!”

-Libby Bergmann

“I was so comfortable while seeing Dr. Kerolus for my first time getting botox. She was so personable and honest with me about my best options!! Will definitely be returning to her for maintenance!”

-Carson Culpepper

“I have been receiving Botox under the care of Dr. Kerolus for one year. I recently also received Restylane and Juvederm fillers. Dr. Kerolus' expertise, skill level, knowledge base in her field, and attention to detail provided me with the perfect, fresh and natural look I envisioned for my upcoming special event. Her professionalism and kind demeanor provide instant comfort and confidence in her abilities to execute positive outcomes.”

“Doctor Kerolus is the most kind and caring doctor I have ever met. I'm 19 and this was my first surgery so I was a tad bit nervous but she provided me with the important information before and after the surgery. She made sure I had the necessary medication to ease my discomfort. The road to recovery was a quick one and even now I stand in disbelief at how well I can breathe now. Furthermore, only until after and was shown pictures of before and after did I see the massive change in the shape of my nose and I'm very happy with the results, but I'm more happy that I got to meet such a genuine and kind Doctor! Thank you Doctor Kerolus!”

“Dr. Kerolus is the best. I was 37 when I first saw her and was getting botox done for the first time and had a million questions. Her expertise, knowledge and calming nature put me at ease. The results were amazing and I got several compliments on how great my skin/my forehead looked. I’ve been back every 3-4 months and always look forward to feeling my best and seeking advice from Dr. Kerolus!”

“I was really nervous before my septorhinoplasty but she made sure to answer every question I had and clear any doubts as well. The surgery itself went GREAT and I am in love with the results! I'm so happy it was Dr.Kerolus who performed my surgery!”

“Several years of boxing had taken its toll on my nose. I had a deviated septum and was having difficulty breathing. My nose had also been broken a couple times and hadn't healed properly and looked like it was partially collapsed. I decided to finally get it fixed. Dr. Kerolus came highly recommended and after meeting her during my consultation, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge, confidence and basic overall medical professionalism. She made me feel at ease and answered all my questions concerning the surgery. Fast forward, it has been nearly 6 weeks post op and everything was a huge success and I am very pleased thus far with the results. Still healing as it was explained to me, it will take some time before completely healed, but look and feel 100 percent better. Just ask her to look at my before and after pics and you will see the difference. Highly recommended! Thank you again Dr. Kerolus.”— Brian C.

“Dr. Kerolus has changed my life forever! Before surgery I had constant sinus infections and pressure due to a deviated septum. Now at the time when my allergies are at it’s worse, I barely feel stuffy. She truly has made my life better, 12 years of nasal problems gone!”

“Awesome! Very thorough...attentive to all of my concerns. Her post-op assessment was spot on and her upbeat manner made the whole operation easier to get through! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Kerolus to any patient!”

“My experience with Dr. Kerolus has been AMAZING! From my very first consult, to my rhinoplasty surgery, to follow up visits, I have felt nothing but admiration for her expertise. I suffered from asthma and chronic sinus infections for the last 20 years! I was always having trouble with asthma and then it would go straight into my sinuses…She not only fixed my septum, opened up by breathing airways, but also fixed my nose to look 100 percent better than it had. I have no problems breathing through my nose and my asthma even seems to be so much better. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Kerolus and have her help medically. She is a top notch doctor with so much passion for what she does! I am telling all my friends about her and how much she has helped me. I am beyond grateful for having been her patient.”

“I am SO glad I found Dr. Kerolus! I have seen her a few times now for Botox related to Bell’s Palsy, and I trust her fully. She really listens to my concerns and takes the time to answer any questions. She is so kind and knowledgeable - would highly recommend to anyone. Love working with her!”

"I love getting to talk with Dr. Julia Kerolus. She is so unbelievably intelligent, caring and you can tell how passionate she is about her job. I just recently started going here for Xeomin which I had never heard of until she educated me on it. It basically is similar to botox but without the extra proteins it’s more pure and that means there is a lower chance of developing resistance that can limit its desired effects. Julia does such a great job I’m always happy with the results and she is always so kind, calling to check in on me afterwards."

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