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Third most performed cosmetic surgery

Rhinoplasty | Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery | Atlanta, GA

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the topmost plastic surgeries in the United States. It improves the appearance of the nose and can address a prominent hump on the nasal bridge, crookedness, an overly flat or long nose, and even issues with breathing. Atlanta Rhinoplasty expert Dr. Julia Kerolus is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. She specializes in facial surgeries to help her patients regain their confidence. Her team at Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta makes it a point to listen to your concerns, whether cosmetic or medical, and address any issues regarding your nose.

What is rhinoplasty?

The center of your face

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical technique that involves reshaping the nose. Plastic surgery is divided into two types: reconstructive surgery, which restores the form and function of the nose, and cosmetic surgery, which alters the appearance of the nose.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery aims to treat nasal injuries or defects associated with trauma, disease or surgery. Congenital anomalies, respiratory issues, and failed primary rhinoplasties can all be treated with reconstructive surgery. Rhinoplasty can adjust the angle between the nose and the mouth, treat injuries & birth deformities, eliminate a hump, narrow the nostrils, or correct a deviated nasal septum and other breathing issues.

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What are
the benefits of rhinoplasty?

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While many get nose jobs to improve their appearance, rhinoplasty has many benefits, including:

  • Improving sleep
  • Providing sinus relief
  • Fixing broken noses
  • Boosting self-esteem (most importantly)

Even subtle alterations from rhinoplasty can bring significant balance to the remainder of the face. Unlike many other surgical procedures, rhinoplasty does not follow a set of steps. Instead, Dr. Kerolus tailors the operation to your anatomy, concerns, and goals, allowing her to focus on the tasks that will provide you the best results. Some patients require only slight tip refinement while others need complete structural alteration to improve function and cosmetic appearance. Atlanta rhinoplasty provider, Dr. Kerolus has extensive training and experience in all aspects of primary and revision rhinoplasty to help you best achieve your goals.

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Personalized Treatment

Rhinoplasty is a very personalized treatment for those who wish to improve the appearance of their nose or correct breathing issues that are caused by structural nasal issues. Candidates for rhinoplasty should be in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations for the procedure results. A consultation at Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery is the best approach to find out if rhinoplasty will help you reach your goals.

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Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Each surgery is tailored to the individual's anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Rhinoplasty involves either local anesthetic with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the procedure and your physician's preference. Rhinoplasty can be performed through either a "closed" or "open" approach. In a closed rhinoplasty operation, the incisions are all hidden on the inside of the nose. An open rhinoplasty approach uses a small external incision between the nostrils to gain access to the nasal structure. To perform your Rhinoplasty Atlanta Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Kerolus will utilize techniques to realign the bone and cartilage beneath your skin as needed.

Atlanta facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Julia Kerolus can manipulate the shape of your nasal bones or cartilage in various ways depending on your goals, the structure of your nose, and the skin quality. For small adjustments, she may utilize cartilage from deeper inside your nose or ear. Dr. Kerolus can use cartilage from your rib, implants, or bone from other parts of the body if major changes are required. Once all necessary changes to the nasal structure are complete, the skin is replaced and stitches are used to close the incisions.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Keep your head up

Following a rhinoplasty Atlanta patients will be required to wear a nose splint. The splint and sutures are removed from the nose in one week. You may experience swelling, bruising around the eyes and a headache during the initial recovery period. Minor bleeding and stuffiness are expected in the days immediately following surgery. The obvious signs of surgery subside within two weeks. Nasal swelling persists with gradual improvement noted every week. If a closed approach is taken, the recovery period is shorter.

Rhinoplasty Results


Changes in the structure of your nose, commonly measured in millimeters, can significantly impact how it looks. The change in your nose will be obvious immediately following splint removal. Final results, however will not be present for several months. In the first few weeks, patients often feel that while their profile has improved significantly, the nose looks wider than expected from the font. This continues to improve and most Atlanta rhinoplasty patients are very happy with their results within a few months. Mild internal and external swelling, however can persist for 1 year. In some circumstances, a patient may require a second operation, called revision rhinoplasty, to make additional improvements. If this is the case, you will need to wait at least a year for the this operation, as your nose may change over that period.

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Change yourself

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Because this procedure is so personal and individual, scheduling a consultation for rhinoplasty in Atlanta with Dr. Julia Kerolus is the best way to learn what a nose job will mean to you. It is recommended to be honest in your goals, aesthetics, and wishes for your nose, then Dr. Kerolus and her team at Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery can make the best plan for you.

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Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort after surgery, which can be managed with medication. Dr. Kerolus will review all options for pain management at your consultation.

This sophisticated and delicate surgery has grown in popularity in recent years. Potential risks include bleeding, infection,and swelling. Dr. Kerolus will review all risks during your consultation.

Because breathing and the shape of the nose are linked, a rhinoplasty may be performed to improve the nose's appearance and improve breathing through your nose. Septoplasty is a surgery that straightens the cartilage inside the nose that splits the nasal passageways into right and left sides (nasal septum) to improve breathing. It can be challenging to breathe via the nose if the septum is crooked. Therefore, a septoplasty is frequently performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty.

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Taking care of yourself is about more than just annual check-ups and eating right. You also want to preserve your ability to look and feel your best. If you feel like you have an area that you want to improve through plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kerolus. She will make sure you find the right treatment for your best results.

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