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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Atlanta, GA

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Skin cancer reconstruction with Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta

Skin cancer can develop on any part of your body's skin. Skin cancer is most common in places constantly exposed to sunlight, such as the face and hands. Dermatologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating the vast majority of skin malignancies. However, eliminating skin tumors can occasionally leave a significant defect that requires repair by an exceptionally skilled and caring facial plastic surgeon. Double board-certified Atlanta skin cancer reconstruction expert Dr. Julia Kerolus has the finesse and experience to efficiently repair skin cancer-related facial deformities. Schedule a consultation with Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery to restore your confidence.

What is skin cancer reconstruction?

Restore your facial form

Patients with skin cancer of the face confront a tremendous struggle. Not only are you dealing with cancer, but the treatment and removal of that cancer affects the very aspect that defines your identity: your face. Unfortunately, the damage produced by skin cancer is irreversible, and no skin surgery can be performed without leaving a scar.

However, restoration of facial skin cancer abnormalities should try to restore your facial form and function as close to normal as feasible so that you are not left with long-term repercussions. Following skin cancer removal, reconstructive possibilities include skin grafts, tissue flaps, scar camouflage, and repair of missing tissue. Dr. Kerolus collaborates with dermatologists and cancer surgeons to repair the skin either concurrently with or immediately after cancer surgery. The Kerolus Facial Plastic Surgery team can also assist in reconstructing scars or anomalies caused by skin cancer procedures.

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What are
the benefits of skin cancer reconstruction?

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You suffered enough through your diagnosis, treatment, and skin cancer removal.

However, being left with constant and often unsightly reminder on your face, is not what you deserve. Camouflaging scars, skin grafts, tissue flaps, and other procedures cater to removing the apparent marks of cancer. Dr. Kerolus can help those in the Atlanta area regain their confidence and diminish the reminders of the hardship you experienced.

Am I a good candidate for skin cancer reconstruction?

Collaborative treatment

If you have had skin cancer removed from your face, head, or neck and it left you uncomfortable with an open defect or scar, it is worth considering reconstruction. Often, the cancer removal & reconstructive surgeries can happen simultaneously if the removal results in a large defect. In that case, Dr. Kerolus will collaborate with your dermatologist and any other doctors involved to ensure you a speedy recovery.

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Your Skin Cancer Reconstruction Procedure

To achieve optimal facial balance and symmetry, local tissue rearrangement ("flaps"), skin grafts, and sophisticated transfers of skin, bone, and cartilage are reconstructive possibilities.

With your input and prior to your procedure for skin cancer reconstruction Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kerolus will select the best reconstructive approach for your specific needs. In order to obtain the best functional and aesthetic results, your surgeon will balance the complexity of the reconstruction with your desired outcome.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Recovery

Finest cosmetic outcome

Post-operative wound care is just as crucial as the surgery itself to achieve the most pleasing cosmetic outcome from your skin cancer reconstruction. Please carefully follow all wound care instructions. Your stitches will be removed one week after surgery. The incision will be inspected two to three weeks after surgery to confirm that it is healing appropriately.

Additional Reading

Further procedures to refine the appearance of your incision may be indicated around the sixth post-operative week. Dermabrasion is a specialist treatment that can aid in concealing surgical scars. Incisions with persistent redness can also be treated with laser therapy to reduce the appearance and vascularity.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Results

Individualized treatments

Individual treatments and outcomes vary depending on the location and extent of the defect. The patient's health and goals also significantly influence the treatment plan and results. The primary objective is adequate closure of the defect while preserving normal form and function.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Frequently Asked Questions

Each procedure is unique depending on your circumstances. The costs of your surgeries will vary. However, most insurances will reimburse cancer reconstructions.

Skin cancer screening and the removal of any malignant regions or growths should be covered by insurance. In addition, any reconstruction required as a result of skin cancer treatment is also considered medically necessary.

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